Welcome to RocKaRan SiberKats.  We are located in Quakertown,
Pennsylvania and we sell our domestic siberian cats directly to pet
owners ONLY.    If you’ve been looking for a lifetime companion, then
look no more!  The Siberian cat has an incredible loving and gentle
disposition.    They have a medium to long coat on a rounded body, a
gorgeous neck ruff, and long flowing fur on their tails, giving a very
bushy appearance.  Their fur is soft like silk when they are kittens and a
slightly rougher texture as they mature.  A weekly brushing is usually
all that is needed to keep their coats in great shape.  

The Siberian is very muscular with a large bone structure.  They are
slow to mature  and get along great with other pets and children.   They
are a larger breed of cat and come in many colors and patterns.  

The Siberian is one of the 3 breeds of “forest” cats and is also one of the
oldest “natural” breeds of cats.  They have been around for over a
thousand years in their native Russia.  In 1990 the first Siberian cat
made the crossing over the Atlantic Ocean to the United States.

The personalities of the Siberian are more dog-like than feline.  They
communicate in a variety of ways, from their expressive eyes, head
butting, to their wonderful chirping and trills, and they love to be
spoken to!  They love human interaction, will develop a strong loyal
bond to you, come when called and greet you at the door.  They are
highly intelligent and train easily.  With their easy adaptability, gentle
nature, intelligence, dog like loyalty, and the fact that they are hypo-
allergenic to the majority of pet sensitive people, it’s no wonder that the
Siberian makes the best pet companion in any household.
Enjoy visiting our website and please feel free to ask questions about
our wonderful Siberians.

Kat and Randy
This site is dedicated to Lisa, of Dollinska Ragdolls, our mentor and friend.  
Your support and encouragement has made our dreams come true.  Thank
you from the bottom of our hearts!
the beautiful artwork on this website has been created by our
friend and sister of the heart - Gaby.  she is truly talented and
has many of her creations on her own website.  we love you gaby!